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If you are like us sports are an important part of your life. You never miss the chance of doing your favouirite hobby. But it is not always up to you. Sometimes your mates are not available the date at one particular date or are just missing one or two players. Teembly can help. Find now upcoming activities in your area. Invite your friends and join. Alternatively, organize your own activity. Let everyone know about it and come with you to join the fun!







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In sports they say "Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits". And what a better way to push your team forward that playing against other strong teams. Don't hessitate, find opponent teams to play against now!







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Arranging for sports games with your peers can be really challenging. Some people are studying for their degree, some become parents and others have intense work hours. It is pretty difficult for everyone to agree on a particular time. But it shouldn't be that way. At any point there are people available to do an activity with. You just don't know about them. Enter your availability and receive notifications about your favourite activity that match your schedule!

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